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New Message Feature at ZabaSearch Solves Missing Heir Case

by Dee Dee King on 05/09/14

ZabaSearch® has a new feature that may be helpful in searching for living people.  The page, accessed 9 May 2014, was simply titled “messages”.  I reached the page from by typing into the search field the name of the adult child of the missing heir in a probate case.  The results page was unfamiliar, although the usual ZabaSearch logo and navigation links were at the top of the page.  The banner across the top stated “Message Search Results for ‘Name of My Guy’:50 Matches.” However, only the first was an actual match.

The message was from his mother, who had been looking for her son for over a year.  It contained enough personal information that there was no doubt this woman is my missing heir, with a telephone number.

The navigation menu does not reference the new message service. The usual links are for white pages, reverse phone lookup, ZabaSearch advanced, free search menu, and top 25 name searches.” Clicking the free search navigation link produces a page of additional search criteria. Under the banner “Additional ZabaSearch Free Services” there are message search, top 25 name searches, and “Zaba Sphere.”

Clicking the link “go to message search” leads to a simple search page with this information, “Search the Web for Messages to You or Someone Else. Search your name or the name of someone you know. Millions of messages have been left for people on the web. There could be one waiting for you or someone you know. Search by name or keywords. Try a university name or town etc.”  There is one field section to enter the information with a button to click for the message search.  

There is also an additional link to leave a message for someone.  This link leads to a form where your name and email are entered, along with the message.  There is a validation code field and the send message button.  This search engine can be tested by visiting the url .  Type in the words -  Dee Dee King, Forensic Genealogist -  the sample created for this article.

The site also includes a link to a form to send an email to the people who have posted messages.  There are also options to respond through the ZabaSearch system, leave a new message, or email this message to another recipient.

The site does not offer an explanation for how the messages are gathered or from what sources.  The only explanation is from the quote above - “Millions of messages have been left for people on the web. There could be one waiting for you or someone you know.”

Or one that might solve your forensic genealogy case at

Welcome to the Forensic Genealogy Blog

by Dee Dee King on 05/09/14

The Forensic Genealogy Blog is published by Dee Dee King, Certified Genealogist (sm).  I have been board-certified by the Board for Certification of Genealogists since 2005. I am a full-time professional genealogist specializing in forensic genealogy, also since 2005. 

One of my passions for the past nine years has been advancing the field of forensic genealogy through the development of definitions and standards for the field. The vehicle for much of this work has been the Council for the Advancement of Forensic Genealogy (CAFG), a
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My service to CAFG included Secretary-Treasurer, webmaster, and membership development 2011-April 2014, and editor of the Forensic Genealogy News 2011-2012.  I was a co-founder, co-director, and lecturer at CAFG's Forensic Genealogy Institute 2012-2014.

I hope you will join me in the sharing of forensic genealogy tips and tricks, and news that affects the field of forensic genealogy and its practitioners.

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