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What is Forensic Genealogy?

Forensic genealogy is research, analysis, and reporting in cases 
with legal implications.

Using methodology and ethics consistent with the highest standards of the profession, Forensic Genealogy is conducted by unbiased, disinterested third party practitioners with no personal or professional stake in the outcome. 

What is a Forensic Genealogist?

A forensic genealogist is 
  • qualified through a combination of education, training and work experience; 
  • is employed or retained by attorneys, law offices, estates, courts, corporations, governmental agencies or other entities; 
  • to perform genealogical work in legal issues as an independent third-party researcher, analyst, reporter, and witness.

The field of Forensic Genealogy extends beyond the generally accepted scope of probate.  Forensic Genealogists also provide important expertise in military repatriation cases, cold cases, genetic genealogy, mineral, oil and gas royalty cases; insurance and trust matters, muniment of title and lis pendens issues, immigration and citizenship, capital mitigation in death sentences, locating next of kin in unclaimed persons cases, and a variety of litigation issues with a focus on kinship. (1)

"Heir search" is a term frequently used interchangeably with forensic genealogy. Traditionally, heir searchers are those who seek unknown or missing heirs and contract with them for a percentage of assets from the estate.  However, this removes the crucial element of the unbiased third-party. Forensic Genealogists conduct heirship and probate research as the disinterested third-party.

Forensic Genealogy Services, LLC offers services performed by board-certified forensic genealogist Dee Dee King, using methods and ethics consistent with the Council for the Advancement of Forensic Genealogy. Hourly fees are reasonable and comparable to those of other professions which provide services to government entities and the legal community.

​(1) Authored by Dee Dee King, 2008; permission to use granted to Council for the Advancement of Genealogy 2011.  This wording may not be copied and used by any other individual or organization without advance permission or attribution.

Definition forensic genealogy.
Definition forensic genealogist.

*Council for the Advancement of Forensic Genealogy (CAFG) is the credentialing body governing the ForensicGenealogistCredentialed(SM) credential (which is abbreviated as FGC).  FCAFG indicates that the recipient has been designated as a Fellow of Council for the Advancement of Forensic Genealogy 

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