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Dee Dee King, FGC (sm), FCAFG (sm)*

   832-336-2156 ​

PO Box 1085
Manvel  Texas 77578
*Council for the Advancement of Forensic Genealogy (CAFG) is the credentialing body governing the ForensicGenealogistCredentialed(SM) credential (which is abbreviated as FGC). FCAFG indicates that the recipient has been designated as a Fellow of Council for the Advancement of Forensic Genealogy ​

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Contact us

If you have been contacted by Ms. King or one of our researchers, we are trying to reach you to discuss your kinship connection to either: 

(1) a Navy POW/MIA case.  You may verify that we work with the Navy POW/MIA Branch by calling their 1-800-443-9298 number during business hours. 

(2) a case in which you may be an heir or beneficiary.   If our contact with you is in regards to an heirship or beneficiaries case, please call Ms. King for details.

We are aware that people are leary of scams; we're hit with those people all the time, too. We will always identify ourselves and provide contact telephone numbers. We may ask you questions about your relationship to specific Sailors or Decedents in legal cases and for your contact information to submit in our reports for Navy or the legal case.  We will never collect personal information such as Social Security numbers or request any form of payment.  Our services are paid for by the Navy for military repatriation cases, and by the Client in legal cases. (The estates, court registries, insurance companies, etc.)
​ please replace the * with @
PO Box 1085
Manvel TX 77578