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Ms. King's task through mid-2013 was to identify and locate DNA Family Reference Sample Donors for nearly 400 servicemen of the USS Oklahoma **NOTE:  there are dozens of sites on the internet where individuals or "organizations" list USS Oklahoma casualties and provide their contact information if you would like to help with DNA samples or locating family.  Ms. King is the official genealogist for the US Navy POW/MIA Branch. Please contact us if you are a relative or can help locate relatives.  

Cases with *** have been submitted with less than ideal DNA donor results.  If you have information or are related to these servicemen, please contact Dee Dee King.  These cases represent the USS Oklahoma and other Navy casualties.

USS Oklahoma
(ENS AV) Stanley W. Allen ***
(S2c) John George Bock Jr.***
(MATT1c) Ralph McHenry Boudreaux***
(MATT1c) Randall Walter Brewer***
(S1c) William Brooks***
(MM2c) James Rufus Buchanan***
(S1c) Biacio Casola***
(CWO PYCLK) John Gaynor Connolly***
(EM1c)  William McKnight Curry ***
(F1c) James Watson Davenport Jr.***
(CMMP) Ralph Alva Derrington***
(MU2c)  Charlton H. Ferguson***
(SD2c)  Felicisimo Florese -  - from Abua, Camarines Sur, Philippines
(S1c)  Walter Charles Foley***
(F2c)  Martin Anthony Gara***
(S2c) Jimmie Lee Henrichsen*** - adopted by John Henrichsen and Alma Jorgenson of South Dakota; biological family could not be identified.
(CK1c)  Willie Jackson***
(F1c)  Edward Dale Johnson***
(MATT3c)  Jerry Jones*** - from Springs MS, mother Lucille Jones
(S2c)  Michael Malek*** - from Chicago IL
(MATT3) Isaac Parker*** - son of Holsey Curle and Pearlie Mae Parker
George Vernon Robinson***

(F1c)  Dan E Reagan***
(YN3c)  Edmund Thomas Ryan***

Cold War
(LTJG) Howard W. Seeschaf *** - searching for the family connections with Edward and Theresa Drescher in New York, late 1800s and early 1900s, specifically the family of Emily Drescher.

(AD1) Jack William Thomas ***, son of Jack/John Thomas and Isabell Poviloitis, Waterbury CT.

This list can change daily, please feel free to check back often.

National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, also known as the Punch Bowl - The VA National Cemetery Administration honors the military service of our Nation's veterans.
The USS Oklahoma, crews working to save the trapped sailors. USS Maryland in the background. Photo from the Naval History & Heritage Command.
James Thomas Cheshire, Chief Pharmacist's Mate, served aboard the USS Oklahoma, Pearl Harbor. Cheshire reportedly went into the water several times to save fellow mates. He was among the Unaccounted-For. Photo courtesy of Amy Cheshire, granddaughter.
Bandmaster James Brazier Booe, originally from Veedersburg, Fountian County, Indiana. Photo provided by Claude Sisco Deen Jr.
More About the The USS Oklahoma

Heather Harris, Historian, "ARCHIVAL RESEARCH MEMO," Updated December 2015.  This is a very informative historical account of the remains of the US OklahomaClick Here

Heather Harris, Historian, "ARCHIVAL RESEARCH MEMO," "Re: History of the sinking of the USS Oklahoma and subsequent attempts to recover and identify her crew," 9 December 2015. Presented here with permission from Ms. Harris.

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Current Cases for the Navy Casualty POW/MIA Branch

Dee Dee King served as the contract professional genealogist for the US Navy Casualty POW/MIA Branch from 2009-2013, with a contract renewal in June, 2014, through 2017. She identifies living relatives who are eligible to contribute mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) and yDNA Family Reference Samples and family members, who by law, can direct disposition of remains as requested by the Department of the Navy for unaccounted-for Navy service members from World War II, Korean War, Cold War, Vietnam War, through Desert Storm.

Ms. King has completed research on more than 320 USS Oklahoma cases.  Also recently completed were cases from the Japanese POW camps at Cabanatuan and Rabaul, and from the attack at Tarawa.

The cases below are being researched today. Current cases are from the "Japanese Hellship" the Oryoku Maru. This ship had been captured by the Japanese and towards the end of the war was used to hold prisoners of war captured in the Philippines.  Many of our servicemen on this ship had survived the Bataan Death March.  The Japanese had refused to fly the Red Cross flag on ships holding prisoners.  US forces bombed the ship on the 14th and 15th of December, not knowing American prisoners were onboard.  For more information: Oryoko Maru

Please feel free to contact us for more information. If you are a family member or have contact with a family member, please visit the Contact Us page for contact information for Dee Dee King. Click here for a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

World War II Cases

Kenneth Sullivan 

Oryoku Maru

Lewis G. Beck 
Elden W. Bjurling 
Arthur M. Bryan
James A. Connell
Whitney M. Cook
Thomas J. Coolidge
Alva R. Cowan
Frank A. Davis
John T. Donohue
Francis M. Douglass
Earl W. Ferguson
​Morris A. Flagg
Paul W. French
​Warren A. Garwick
Robert L. Glatt
Francis X Golden
Benjamin D. Goodier
Jack B. Gordon
Marion D. Grant
Albert D. Gray
Charles A. Guyon
​Thomas H. Hayes
Dudley A. Henson
John R. Janson
Philip D. Johnston
Maurice Joses
Mark C. Judy
Harry J. Kerbow
Stanley A. Leahigh
Joseph R. Lippincott
John C. Littig
​Daniel MacDougall
Francis J. McManus
Doster L. McMullen
Frederick Merten
Leslie E. Moote
William L. Munro
William Murphy
John C. Needham
Edwin R. Nelson
Bruce Nicholson
John F. O'Brien
James S. O'Rourke
Andrew L. Overton
William M. Pearce
William H. Plant
Fred L. Raymond
Herbert J. Rosenthal
Warwick P. Scott
Dorris P. Simmons
Glen P. Slipsager
Benton H. Stearns